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A Special Love (Single)

by K1 Project (Vegas)

Release Date Thursday, May 12, 2016​​​

New Release, "Never Meant To"

By Marc VanClaggett

Thursday, September 8, 2016

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The Knight Album 

is Available on our Music page!

I will love you forever...Marc VanClaggett returns with another classic love song

that he is known for with his NEW Single:

Never Meant To by Marc VanClaggett 

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Marc VanClaggett known for his sultry tenor/baritone voice that has wowed the crowds from coast to coast and across the globe as a member of a variety of male performing groups such as “Man’s Theory” (once signed to Universal Records) and “Klass 1” that had a long standing contract performing in Las Vegas. Marc has shared the stage with The Four Tops, The O'Jays, The Temptations, Jazz Crusaders, Roy Ayers, Gladys Knight, Grover Washington Jr., LTD, Mary Wilson and many more. 

Presently Marc VanClaggett is touring as a member of "Tribute" A Salute To The Temptations, a global entertainment group.  During his off time Marc is busy working on creating music, from composing music to writing lyrics.

In the past we have used Marlex Records to produce and market only the music of Marc VanClaggett.  Going into 2016 we will be expanding are business to producing other artists music along with collaborations on projects, music arrangements for sale and song writing for others singers.


So Marlex Records is the place to frequent to stay updated on Marlex projects and offers along with staying up on Music by Marc VanClaggett and more.

Susan "Lady Flava" Koshi

will be putting out a compilation CD

Stay tune for more information

​"Flava's Lounge Vol.1"

​​​​​​​The Knight (Single)

by Marc VanClaggett

​Release Date Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Knight (Album)

Release Date Friday, April 22, 2016

Never Meant To (Single)

​Release Date Thursday, September 8, 2016